First Class Brands of
Sweden AB

A young, agile, Swedish company that practices what it preaches. Since 2011, the company’s founders have taken an interest in func- tional, tasty, healthy – preferably protein-enriched – products. Their motto is “If we consume it ourselves, we want to share it with oth- ers.”

Since their early days, they have created a string of strong brands such as ProteinPro, Aloes, Wolverine and many more; the products are stocked by all of Sweden’s major chains, including ICA, Coop, Hemköp, Willys, Lidl, Netto, Axfood Bergendahls etc.

FCB’s business idea is based on identifying products and product categories that show a positive trend and strong growth potential among a few, strong suppliers. This approach enables FCB to de- velop the right product and create an alternative to an existing bigseller – but with more flavour, better pricing structure and a moreimpactful design. This means FCB introduces a product into the relevant category with unique selling points.

The trend towards healthier living and the demand for healthier foodstuffs is on a constant upward curve. It is therefore FCB’s in- tention to supply the market with pleasurable, protein-enriched and healthier products for supermarkets, convenience stores and ho- tels, restaurants & cafés (HORECA).

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Managing Director

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Export Director

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