Why use dietary supplements?

ProBrands nutrition and dietary supplement products should be seen as a complement to ones normal diet. There are a number of dietary supplement categories in the Probrands range that give different effects. Probrands dietary supple- ments stimulate muscle development, aid recovery, improve performance and more. The products are intended to impro- ve results or facilitate the customer’s various exercise and health goals.

Who can use dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are a wide-ranging category and irre- spective of your goals, there is always a dietary supplement to suit your needs. On the whole, anyone can use Probrands dietary supplements, whether you are a normal exerciser aiming to increase calorie consumption on your power walk or an elite athlete intending to improve your recovery ability.

When should you use Probrands products?

There are many occasions during each day when Probrands products meet the needs of your dietary cycle.

In the morning as a supplement to breakfast and to start the day in the best possible manner:
– VitaminPro
– OmegaPro
– ProteinPro drink

As a snack – between breakfast and lunch you need protein, the body’s building block:
– MealPro
– EnergyPro
– ProteinPro

Before training – to charge yourself prior to a training session and increase performance:
– CreatinePro (powder, drink)
– AminoPro (powder, drink, bars)
– PwoPro (powder, drink)
– EnergyPro

During training – you need products that ensure that your performance levels remain high!
– AminoPro

After training
– ProteinPro (bars/drink/pudding/chocolate biscuit)
– MealPro

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